Individual Therapy in person & online

You may choose to have therapy in person or online via Skype either short or long term.  Therapy sessions are held either online or in the consulting room at an agreed location and last 50min each, couples therapy sessions are 60minutes or extended to 90minutes.  Before starting the course of therapy, it is important to attend your initial consultation for us to establish how we will be working together therapeutically.  An Initial Consultation, also called an assessment, is a prerequisite for our therapeutic work.    

​​​​​The place of your therapy sessions will be arranged with you before the beginning of therapy.  Current location for face to face therapy is in Islington.

Couples Therapy

Couples come to therapy for many different reasons.  Some couples want to work on certain challenges, that keep happening and won't stop.  Others, want to become closer, communicate better, have better sex or struggle with trust and infidelity.  In therapy you have an opportunity to learn to understand one another's needs, thoughts, behaviours, to work towards strengthening communication and closeness. This enables you to have and make that time for one another to work on and through any recurring conflicts.  Therefore, we would be able to identify the areas of your difficulties and start focusing on how you can learn to manage them more effectively.  For example, your feelings of anger or fear of voicing your needs with your partner.  This requires a thorough planning according to your individual needs you both have within your relationship.  In your initial consultation, you would be able to decide on whether you prefer to meet together or individually for short or long term therapy.


There are many different shades of trauma some of us experienced throughout life.  It can be debilitating to live with the residual trauma memories and virtually impossible to understand what you are experiencing in a moment when being triggered.  The triggers are reminders of the past, that flood your mind with unpleasant thoughts and you end up feeling all sorts of unwanted emotions that won't go away.  

CBT- Cognitive BehaviouralTherapy 

Is a form of psychotherapy, that is used to support individuals with anxiety, anger, depression, obsessive compulsive behaviours and many other difficulties you are experiencing.  The course of CBT therapy varies from six to twelve, and if needed, there is a possibility of having more sessions.  This form of therapy focuses on a specific problem and looks for solution/s on how to manage it.  If you choose to have CBT, we will be working in a structured way, focusing on your negative thoughts/ behaviours, that maintain the vicious circle of stressful life situations or any overwhelm you experience. 


Therapy Fees
Initial Consultation/ Assessment 
15minutes- free 
50minutes- £40

Individual Therapy 

50 minute Therapy Session-  £60 daytime- £80 evening,

Couples Therapy 
60 minute Therapy Session- £80  or  90 minute Therapy Session- £120,
Concession fees available upon request.